He Proposed – Now What?

You and your guy have moved to the long-awaited “next level” of your relationship, called getting engaged. What do you do now? Many future brides start a diet, hire a personal trainer, shop for the perfect dress, experiment with updos, and hire a wedding planner.

What is often left out of the flurry of planning for the big day is reality! Every couple getting married wants their wedding day to be special, but they often lose sight of what’s really important. Here’s an unconventional guide to being engaged.

Remember to be engaged. That means to focus on the relationship and nurture it during this time. This is the number one mistake I see couples make: They make the wedding the be-all and end-all and lose sight of the relationship. They make it about the one-day wedding instead of the decades-long marriage.

Get into reality and stay there! When you remember that the important thing is the marriage, rather than the wedding, it’s easier to stick to your budget. The stress of paying off the big bills from the big day and the big honeymoon can seriously jeopardize a new marriage. That doesn’t mean you must wear a burlap sack as a wedding dress and serve rice cakes at the reception! But staying within your means becomes easier when you keep things in perspective: one day, versus many years.

Make it about meaningfulness and fun, rather than appearances. You’re not going to get an Academy Award for your wedding performance. This is the time to enjoy yourselves together, not crash diet to get the slimmest photos. Choose a song for your first dance that you truly love dancing to together, rather than thinking of it as a command performance with an audience of critics. Same with the vows: It’s about what is meaningful to you and your partner, not about playing to the back row.

Make time to enjoy each other and talk about things other than the wedding. The wedding plans may feel all-consuming, but when you remember to put the merry in marriage, you’ll have more fun with the plans. Six months after the wedding, no one’s going to remember whether you had the plain chairs or the ones with curlicues. But that fight you had in the car on the way to the dance coach? The fall-out from that can have a very long half-life.

In relationships, as in life, it’s not the destination that’s as important as the journey. That destination wedding is just a destination. The marriage relationship is the all-important journey.

Personalized Engagement Presents

Engagement present ideas are usually hard to think of. The couple may be your friends. Or one of them may be a family member. Being engaged is such an exciting moment in people’s lives that everything relating to it should be equally memorable. Among the best concepts for gifts for this type of occasion are personalized photo frames, keepsake boxes, and other items for the home.

One option to personalize these gift items is to have them engraved with the couples’ monogram. It is a style that’s very classic and elegant. But remember to choose a font that will match the item. Oftentimes, it’s ideal to keep the font as simple as possible. However, if you know the couple very well, place an image that symbolizes something dear to them, instead of their initials.

A picture frame can be very ordinary as a gift. But if you put something on it that defines the couple, it will instantly have a sentimental value. Frames now come in a wide range of materials. Choose one that you think the couple will like. Wood and metal frames are the most common. But you’ll also find available ones that are made of special fabrics like silk, abaca, and others. If the couple loves uniqueness, look for frames made of exotic materials like capiz shells or cinnamon bark.

It would also be great for engagement presents to be things that they can use as they start their life together and sharing things together. Personalized chests or boxes are also good gift suggestions for soon-to-be married couples. You’ll find them in various materials, leaving you with a number of choices on how to personalize them. If it’s made of wood, you can have the monogram or image carved directly on the surface. You can also have it etched on a small metal plate, which will be secured on the wooden box with a heavy-duty adhesive material or tiny screws. If it’s made of metal, the monogram or image will be engraved. You can also find customized boxes covered in luxurious fabrics like those used in making jewelry boxes. Fine stitching would be best for these types of boxes.

Personalized engagement gift ideas can be endless. You can also apply this concept on other items like vases, metal containers of condiments and teas, and many other things for the home. Best to do this if you know some interesting information about the couple. You have to be aware that you’d need time to prepare this type of gift, especially if the seller of the item itself and the personalizing service are different suppliers.

Why Won’t He Propose

Why won’t he propose if he loves me? My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 2 years and we moved in together after our first Christmas together. He got me a promise ring that Christmas and promised to always love me. But no talk of marriage. How do I get my boyfriend to propose without seeming desperate or pushy.

One of mans mental roadblocks preventing him from proposing to his girlfriend is the whole financial aspect. I will explain this in my article and give you some tips about getting over this roadblock. He will propose to you.

From the start, your boyfriend will want to get you an engagement ring to give you when he proposes. An engagement ring can cost anywhere from 300 dollars to 30,000 dollars. You get over this roadblock by letting him know that of course you would like to have an engagement ring, but you would be very pleased with the ring regardless of the price. This will also add character to your arsenal of good wife qualities.

How do I get my boyfriend to propose when he is not confident about being able to financially support a family? Make sure to make it known to your boyfriend that you have a job too or are willing to get a job if you don’t already have one, to help with the financial obligations of living expenses. If you get married, you will become partners in life.

Why won’t he propose? Another mental roadblock you may have to help your boyfriend with is Parenting. Most men want a son to pass down his knowledge and experiences to and a real man will love a daughter just as much. But it is a big step to becoming a Dad.

Assure your boyfriend that although you do want a family and children that there is no rush. When the time is right and you both feel confident with starting a family and becoming parents then you will take that step forward as partners.

These are a couple of the bigger issues a man faces and explanations for why won’t he propose when he is considering marriage.

How do I get my boyfriend to propose after being together for two years? If you show your man that you want to be a partner in life and walk the crossroads of life together, he will see you as wife material. A benefit not a burden. When he sees you as a friend, a lover and a partner then he will see you as his wife.

I Want To Marry Him – What To Consider Before He Proposes To You

If you have told family and friends “I want to get married,” and “I know he’s The One for me,” then there are things you need to think about before you can be absolutely sure you want to spend your life with him.

Possibly, you have already considered all of these points.

It is also possible that you’ve discussed these issues, so you truly are ready to get married to HIM and there will be ‘no surprises’ later, such as a mate who is miserable living in the place you most want to be, or who has dreams and plans in life that clash with your own.

So here’s a checklist of things to think carefully about, if you’re trying to get him to propose and before you walk down the aisle (and if you want to avoid trouble after the honeymoon):

Getting Along Together

1. Are you happy with the amount of time you spend together?

2. Do you always enjoy being together?

3. Is time together increasing, or not?

4. Do you tend to disagree a lot? Are there fights?

5. Do you have a lot in common?

Shared Interests & Passions

1. What interests do you share? Are there hobbies, sports, or conversation topics you both enjoy?

2. Do you have friends in common? Do the friends – his and hers – get along?

3. Do you love his family? How does he feel about yours?

4. Are your core beliefs, and other types of beliefs (morals, ethics, religious, political) compatible?

5. Do you tend to enjoy the same books, movies, music, etc.?

6. Having children – are you together on that, both if and when?

7. City, town or village, or maybe out in the country? East, west, or on the plains? House, condo or apartment living? Will you both be happy in the same place?

Your Goals In Life – And Also His – Good Fit?

1. Are you at similar stages in life?

2. Do you want the same things, whether that is to quit jobs and travel, or focus on careers – buy a hobby farm or live on an island – start a business or work for a major corporation – and what if one of you longs for a choice, and the other loathes it? How will you compromise?

3. What about time – how much will be spent together, and how much apart?

4. What about money – how will you share it? Also, beware, a big spender married to a super saver are headed for trouble.

5. What do you really want and expect from a husband? Do you know how he would answer this question, about his wife?

6. Overall, do you have similar ambitions, plans, hopes and dreams for the coming decades of your life?

How Did You Grow Up – And What Is His Background Like?

Some families shout at each other; others do the silent treatment. Some are huggers, some do love each other but barely touch. Some never express anything about how they feel; others rarely stop talking about it.

We may think we grow up, and away, from how we were raised, but it continues to influence us as adults in how we think, feel, and react. And while opposites often attract, they rarely endure. When you look at happy long term relationships, the two people always have more in common than not.

1. Same types of families?

2. Same religious background?

3. What about education, social position, and nationality/culture?

4. What family traditions are important to you?

5. Do you or he have habits that irritate the other (and could be relationship-breakers in the future)? This could be about one of you smoking, or the other’s drinking, or gambling, or drug use, or something more trivial, such as fondness for playing the drums…

The Really Little Stuff (That Can Drive Couples Apart)

OK, the truth about marriage is that people get irritated about things that can seem ridiculously trivial. Who throws their laundry on the floor, for example, or leaves dishes in the sink or can’t remember to clean the litter box or take the dog to the vet? And how much does that annoy the other person?

So, silly though it may seem, you need to consider this stuff:

1. Both super-active, or lazy?

2. Both would rather play baseball, or watch it?

3. Beach vacation, or city?

4. Both meat eaters, or vegetarians?

5. Do you have a shared sense of humour?

6. Would he be the one you’d want to be stranded on a desert island with?

How Together Are You At Solving Problems?

Do you get into fights just so you can make up? That can be fun… for a while. But the fact is when you’re married, problems do come along. Some of them can be hard to deal with, especially if you aren’t united in solving them.

1. When you disagree, how do you negotiate?

2. Does he listen? Do you?

3. Are you afraid to have your own opinion and express it freely? What do you do when you can’t agree with what he has to say?

4. Are you jealous? Is he?

5. Is either of you a control freak?

6. Does he immediately insult you when you don’t agree with him or want to do it his way? Does he insult you in front of other people?

7. Can he forgive and forget – and can you?

This isn’t one of those magazine quizzes where you get to add up the score and find out “Are You Compatible For Each Other?” because it just isn’t that simple.

Getting The Father’s Blessing Before You Propose Can Be Tricky

Getting the father’s blessing is a surprisingly contentious issue. Back when I was going through the proposal process, I put out a post on Reddit asking for some advice. You see – my fiance’s biological father is deceased. Her step-father was around, as was her mom. So I turned to Reddit, this massive community, seeking opinions on whose blessing I should ask first.

Woah. I never realized I was a chauvinist until that day. Turns out, culture plays a rather large role in whether this particular section of GtB will matter at all to you. Where I was raised, in Texas, getting the father’s blessing is a fairly common practice. In fact, I think most dads would appreciate it. They might not expect it, but they appreciate it. My fiance, being from Florida, actually remarked to me early in our relationship that if I ever intended to marry her that I better get her dad’s blessing (in jest, of course).

It’s just one of those cultural things in certain areas of the world where you give a bow of respect. But some people see it as a continuation of misogynistic rituals. I think this is a misunderstanding of the motives behind the gesture, which is all it is meant to be. Those that would criticize involving the bride’s family in this process oftentimes mistakenly believe that the groom is seeking the father’s permission to marry the daughter and removing her from the equation completely. This could not be further from the truth.

Asking the father’s blessing is merely a gesture by which we can say, “I want to spend the rest of my life with your daughter. She changed my life and I could not imagine living the rest of my life without her. Before I ask her to marry me, may I have your blessing?” Knowing it’s simply a gesture unlikely to change the path of your resolve should give you confidence to pose the question.

And should you choose not to ask the father’s blessing, the downside really isn’t that deep. The worst you have to worry about is eventually explaining to him that you felt that it was a personal decision between yourself and his daughter, and you want her to be the first person to know. If he’s a reasonable person, he’ll understand. If he’s not, you can only apologize and tell him you hope to make it up to him as you and his daughter grow together and start a family

Meaning Behind the Engagement Ring: A Wearable Symbol With Personal Significance

Everyone has seen at least one engagement ring at some point in their lives. This piece of jewelry is a common accessory worn all over the world. Most people realize that it is a symbol that someone is “taken” or already committed to another. Many do not realize that engagement jewelry has evolved over a long and worldly past. The ring has taken on many different meanings throughout the years and across cultures all over the world.

The Earliest Engagement Rings

The first engagement ring is believed to have come from ancient Egypt. This circular piece would represent an unending cycle. The opening inside was believed to represent a gateway. The Romans used betrothal rings in the 13th century. These usually featured a tiny key that was believed to unlock wealth.

The Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg ordered the creation of a diamond ring that was intended to be given to the woman he loved, Mary of Burgundy. She is believed to be the first woman to ever be given this type of gift. Early engagement rings in the United States were a little different. These became popular after 1840 and were usually given to both men and women rather than just the woman.

During the 1800s, Victorians would create unique jewelry using human hair. Some pieces also featured gemstones that would spell out a word or sentiment. Although diamonds were used, other stones were also popular such as rubies, amethysts and emeralds.

The Modern Meaning Behind the Ring

Things have changed quite a bit in the last century although the sentiment has stayed much the same. The modern engagement ring is generally a symbol of devotion, love and affection. These are commonly given to the woman by the man, however, there are no set rules as to who must give to whom. Many jewelers make men’s engagement rings that can be purchased afterwards or given to a man by the woman as a proposal. The old traditions are still there but many modern men and women choose to break away from the norm.

Some cultures viewed the ring as an indication of ownership rather than pure love and admiration. Modern society has mostly done away with that notion, focusing on the devotional aspect of the accessory. Giving one to someone you love is a sign of taking the relationship to the next level. For most couples, that next level is marriage.

How to Choose a Meaningful Engagement Ring?

Visual appeal is important when selecting an engagement ring, but it should not surpass meaning. There are no specific directions or guidelines for couples when it comes to choosing a design that they feel adequately represents who they are and the direction they plan to go together. There are a number of ways to make the finished piece more significant to the individual.

Some couples work in an heirloom diamond, which may come from a beloved member of the family or close friend. That is, of course, if the couple has someone willing to donate a piece of fine jewelry to the engagement. Another option is to select patterns and elements that hold personal significance. Celtic knots are popular because they appear so tightly entwined. A different color stone, such as a ruby, may symbolize fiery passion.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, try searching for images of engagement rings. There are many all over the web that feature unique settings and designs. Find out how other couples made their bridal jewelry more meaningful. Don’t forget to determine your budget before you shop. This can make the process less stressful. The right engagement ring will offer a lifetime of meaning for the one wearing it.