Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

The whole of life is about saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

But it’s worse than being duplicitous if, by doing so, we upset people.

We can only be blessed in saying what we mean and meaning what we say when we have oriented our hearts toward love. And to love, suchlike, is to consider everyone more important than the self.

Having achieved a heart for others through the blessing of the Lord, we are then primed and positioned to say what we mean and mean what we say – because truth is worse than hopeless when without love.

It will take a special courage of vulnerability with ourselves to risk the exposure of our own feelings in saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

We can only manage such a task, that requires a fullness of consistent and selfless love, when we are in sync with God, for only by God have we the vision of what can be achieved – a life replete of virtue.

To say what we mean is loving when others are blessed. To mean what we say is our commitment to truth.


For a Christian meaning what we say and saying what we mean is vital. We are people of integrity as much as we are people of the Book. Indeed, the Book is about the integrity of virtue. If we miss that, we miss the whole purpose of grace. Grace gives so that others might receive; Jesus on the cross and resurrected, one man, for all. The Father’s grace for each one of us.

Our grace – which is to say what we mean (to speak the truth in love) and mean what we say (of and in love) – is the measure of our submission before God.

Our grace is the epitome of the Father’s grace – to put our needs on the cross and crucify our desires so others’ desires may be satisfied. It will cost us to say what we mean and mean what we say from this backdrop.

Our grace is the fortitude of our being knowing we are nothing now without Christ, but we are everything now with him.

To say what we mean and mean what we say is our privilege in a life that is blessed by God when we realise it is how we are to love people with the truth.

If we say what we mean and mean what we say, all in love, we will go far in this life.

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas – Top Ideas For Him and Her

So that special someone of yours is turning one year older again and you are at a loss of what to give him or her? It is not only his or her birthday but also the growing bond and love between the two of you. Giving a romantic and thoughtful gift is one of the best way to say thank you and appreciate him or her for the things they have done for you all this while.

Idea #1 Photo Frame with your picture inside

Give him or her a really nice photo frame with a picture of you two already inside. This is really a great gift to give because this gift can be placed anywhere in your room and you can see it everyday. If you are great with crafts, it would be better if you hand make a photo frame as a gift and it would reflect great on you!

Idea #2 Couple T-Shirts

Have you ever walked on the streets in a pair of matching shirts? If your answer is no, this is perhaps a good time to give him or her a matching T-Shirt and the two of you can wear on this special day and enjoy a special day out!

Idea #3 Sweetheart Bear

I believe every girl have a soft spot for cute things. Just look at the picture above! Isn’t the bear so cute? Oh…!!! If your girlfriend has a soft corner in her heart for teddy bears then this can be the perfect birthday gift for her. This will surely bring smiles on her face. Teddy bears cannot get much sweeter than this. To make it more perfect add some roses along with the bear and I bet she will be flying to the heavens!

Idea #4 Custom Drinking Mug

Forget about the couple shirts if you are too shy to wear them. A custom couple mugs is just the right thing to do. This can be romantic as you have romantic words on them as well as your pictures and the person will be using the mug everyday. I think it is really sweet!

Idea #5 A Surprise Treat

Treat her or him to something he love but he feels too thrifty to go. An example is a luxurious full body massage spa which she yearns to go but finds it too expensive. Make her feel touched and loved by sponsoring her and perhaps joining her in a couple room for the massage!

Till then, clarence

The author writes articles on romantic ideas for couples to spice up their love lives.