He Proposed – Now What?

You and your guy have moved to the long-awaited “next level” of your relationship, called getting engaged. What do you do now? Many future brides start a diet, hire a personal trainer, shop for the perfect dress, experiment with updos, and hire a wedding planner.

What is often left out of the flurry of planning for the big day is reality! Every couple getting married wants their wedding day to be special, but they often lose sight of what’s really important. Here’s an unconventional guide to being engaged.

Remember to be engaged. That means to focus on the relationship and nurture it during this time. This is the number one mistake I see couples make: They make the wedding the be-all and end-all and lose sight of the relationship. They make it about the one-day wedding instead of the decades-long marriage.

Get into reality and stay there! When you remember that the important thing is the marriage, rather than the wedding, it’s easier to stick to your budget. The stress of paying off the big bills from the big day and the big honeymoon can seriously jeopardize a new marriage. That doesn’t mean you must wear a burlap sack as a wedding dress and serve rice cakes at the reception! But staying within your means becomes easier when you keep things in perspective: one day, versus many years.

Make it about meaningfulness and fun, rather than appearances. You’re not going to get an Academy Award for your wedding performance. This is the time to enjoy yourselves together, not crash diet to get the slimmest photos. Choose a song for your first dance that you truly love dancing to together, rather than thinking of it as a command performance with an audience of critics. Same with the vows: It’s about what is meaningful to you and your partner, not about playing to the back row.

Make time to enjoy each other and talk about things other than the wedding. The wedding plans may feel all-consuming, but when you remember to put the merry in marriage, you’ll have more fun with the plans. Six months after the wedding, no one’s going to remember whether you had the plain chairs or the ones with curlicues. But that fight you had in the car on the way to the dance coach? The fall-out from that can have a very long half-life.

In relationships, as in life, it’s not the destination that’s as important as the journey. That destination wedding is just a destination. The marriage relationship is the all-important journey.

Personalized Engagement Presents

Engagement present ideas are usually hard to think of. The couple may be your friends. Or one of them may be a family member. Being engaged is such an exciting moment in people’s lives that everything relating to it should be equally memorable. Among the best concepts for gifts for this type of occasion are personalized photo frames, keepsake boxes, and other items for the home.

One option to personalize these gift items is to have them engraved with the couples’ monogram. It is a style that’s very classic and elegant. But remember to choose a font that will match the item. Oftentimes, it’s ideal to keep the font as simple as possible. However, if you know the couple very well, place an image that symbolizes something dear to them, instead of their initials.

A picture frame can be very ordinary as a gift. But if you put something on it that defines the couple, it will instantly have a sentimental value. Frames now come in a wide range of materials. Choose one that you think the couple will like. Wood and metal frames are the most common. But you’ll also find available ones that are made of special fabrics like silk, abaca, and others. If the couple loves uniqueness, look for frames made of exotic materials like capiz shells or cinnamon bark.

It would also be great for engagement presents to be things that they can use as they start their life together and sharing things together. Personalized chests or boxes are also good gift suggestions for soon-to-be married couples. You’ll find them in various materials, leaving you with a number of choices on how to personalize them. If it’s made of wood, you can have the monogram or image carved directly on the surface. You can also have it etched on a small metal plate, which will be secured on the wooden box with a heavy-duty adhesive material or tiny screws. If it’s made of metal, the monogram or image will be engraved. You can also find customized boxes covered in luxurious fabrics like those used in making jewelry boxes. Fine stitching would be best for these types of boxes.

Personalized engagement gift ideas can be endless. You can also apply this concept on other items like vases, metal containers of condiments and teas, and many other things for the home. Best to do this if you know some interesting information about the couple. You have to be aware that you’d need time to prepare this type of gift, especially if the seller of the item itself and the personalizing service are different suppliers.