Serve Your Community

If life is unbearable for you, and you are constantly worried about the future. If you are unemployed and you do not know how you are going to support your family. If you do not have the money to cover your bills, nor can you pay the rent, and you are in danger of losing your home. If you are in danger of having a heart attack or you might have a stroke because of all the problems bothering you. There is a solution for all this.

Take your mind off your own problems, and serve your community. If you have clothes, food for the day, and shelter for the night, then you are better off than eighty percent of people all over the world. I do not have the statics to prove this, but I have read it somewhere a few days ago. Serving your community, there is a special blessing in this. It does not matter how you serve your community, but it helps to take your mind off your own problems for a while. And you notice that other people are much worse off than what you are. What I strongly suggest is feed the homeless and destitute. And do so with your own money, there is a special blessing for the person who gives knowing that the homeless have no way to pay you back. And do not expect to be paid back anyway.

When you serve the homeless and destitute, do be judgmental about them. Unless you know them personally, you do not know how and why they ended up in this situation in the first place. Also, treat them with respect; everyone deserves to be treated with respect unless you did something heinous and despicable. Do everything you can to give them dignity. Because with dignity, they will obtain self-respect, then they will treat you with respect. I know that you earn respect, it does not just happen, but you earn respect by giving respect. With humility, treat people as if they are your own family. Older men, treat them like fathers. Older ladies, treat them like mothers. Always show respect for your elders no matter what situation they find themselves. And take them home to your house and give them shelter for the night. If this is difficult for you to do, imagine being in their shoes, where will they get shelter in the cold night?

The best solution for your worries and the problems that are bothering you, the best solution is to take your eyes off your problems for a while. You will see that your problems are not as difficult as you imagine after all. And you will clearly see the solution to your problem. But the trick is, serve your community. But especially the homeless because they have no way to repay you for your kindness. And the very reason why there are homeless people is for you to learn to exercise kindness and respect for your neighbor.

How to Communicate Effectively With Negative People

The world is full of people who can bring about positive change in our lives.. people who can fill our days with new and rewarding experiences.

Unfortunately, from time to time, we encounter people who are a little more difficult to interact with. Enter The Grumpy One. Their negative comments or actions bring about stress, annoyance, anger or worse. Whether family member, co-worker, client or friend, it can be exhausting to keep up appearances. Worse than that, it can be a strain to constantly keep your temper under control. It’s no secret that I have a short fuse so trust me, I get it.

Short term solutions like avoidance aren’t always sustainable and usually just cause more feelings of anxiety and stress. There may come a time when confrontation is the only next step, and no other solution presents itself. Before initiating any confrontation, consider what you would like to say to that person. Try to be objective rather than defensive and avoid any judgmental language. Don’t try and play the part of the victim, just be honest and straightforward.

Most importantly, calm yourself before you start any conversation. Personally, I need to re-read that three or four times. These issues should not be addressed when you’re angry, or things will escalate. If the person you’re confronting happens to get angry, don’t let their emotions or actions affect you – always try to keep yourself in control. Express yourself assertively and always be direct, but never mistake that with being rude.

It’s important to clearly explain to the other person how their actions directly affect you. It’s equally as important to understand the motivation behind their actions. Ask them to explain why they’re saying and doing these negative things and try to understand their point of view. Try to help them see your point of view. Asking them lots of questions may help to shift their perspective or encourage them to find a more positive way of expressing themselves.

If they’re open to your opinion and want to come to a compromise consider that a great first step towards a more healthy relationship. On the other hand, if there is no forward movement or resolution, gracefully let the situation go and move onward with your life. Don’t let a negative person take positive energy away from you, or damage your well-being.

A lot of positive change can happen when people take the time to listen and come to a compromise. Just remember that not every situation will end with a positive outcome and it’s important to know when to walk away.