Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary

Inexpensive ways to celebrate if money is an issue this year:

There are several options for enjoying time together without spending anything or only a small amount. Take your sweetheart to the drive-in and be sure to bring blankets to lie on so you can cuddle. Go camping and bring along items to have a campfire and picnic.

Expensive ways to celebrate:

My husband and I spent a long weekend in an old renovated caboose, in Nice, California, with a lovely view of a lake and mountains. It was a beautiful cottage-like setting, complete with Jacuzzi, a mirror over the bed and breakfast was delivered in the morning. The internet is a great place to find private, romantic getaways in your area. The mountains, tropics, an overseas trip, or a cruise are all great choices to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Ideas for renewing your wedding vows:

Take a romantic trip to Las Vegas and commemorate your love at a ritzy chapel, a drive-through chapel or Elvis themed wedding venue. Alternatively, go back to where you first tied the knot to renew your vows. Follow up the celebration with a second honeymoon at the same location you first consummated your vows or somewhere new. It’s always a good idea to hire professional family portrait photographers for the occasion.

Non-travel ideas:

If you own your home, purchasing a Jacuzzi to celebrate your love is something that will pay off for years to come. You can enjoy a romantic anniversary together in your spa with candles lit around it and soft music in the background. Enjoy champagne and strawberries by the fireplace in winter or in your bedroom if it is summer. Give each other full body massages and share special memories together.

Popular Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Finding an anniversary gift for a couple is often trickier than buying a gift for an individual because you have to consider the specific tastes of two people rather than one. If the couple has been together for many years, they probably have quite a few interests in common, however if you’re buying a gift for an odd couple who seem to prove the “opposites attract” theory, then it may be a bit harder. There are, however, a number of anniversary gift ideas that will satisfy just about anyone. Here is a list of gifts that are sure to go over well when you’re looking for something classy, but not too expensive.

• Spa treatment for couples- If the couple works hard during the week and you think they could benefit from some time off to relax together you can get them a couples’ spa treatment. There are a lot of spa centers that offer packages for couples where they can get a massage side by side by two separate massage therapists. They will also have special amenities like steam showers and lounge beds to relax during the day.

• Dinner date- You can make a reservation for the couple at an exclusive restaurant that you think they’d both love to dine in. You can do this in one of two ways. You can either give the couple a gift certificate to the restaurant or ask the establishment to put the tab in your name, since it will be your gift for them. A romantic dinner is a popular gift that is always appreciated, no matter the time of year.

• Ticket for two to a play or concert- If the couple loves to watch performing arts, a ticket to a popular show makes a great gift idea. It does not have to be on the exact date as their anniversary, but what’s important is that they will be able to look forward to a wonderful event coming up in the near future. Now it might be tricky if one partner loves ballet and the other is a fan of rock music, but you’ll certainly want to try and find something they both will enjoy.

• Collectible items- If the couple is collecting something together, such as porcelain angel figurines, you can find them one to add to their collection. If the item is rare and hard to find then it will make it even more special.

• Items for the kitchen- High-quality kitchen gadgets and utensils are another gift idea that is often appreciated. Some brand new silverware or a classy oil and vinegar set are just a few of the many ideas to consider. While the gift-giver often feels pressured to get the recipients something they don’t already have, it’s okay in many cases to get them something they own, as long it is of good quality and will be something they will actually use. Items with decorative appeal are often excellent for gift-giving purposes.

Finding the right anniversary gift is not as tough as it seems. If you focus on the interests of the couple and consider what you would enjoy if you were in their shoes it may lead to a world of possibilities you have yet to consider.