Anniversary Symbols: Discover the Meaning Behind Your Anniversary

Wedding anniversary symbols have helped couples mark their anniversaries throughout the ages. Each year has a symbolic material assigned to it. The more years that you’ve been married, the more durable and valuable is the material used to symbolise the anniversary. This is illustrated clearly by comparing the symbols associated with the first five anniversaries against the last five:

Year 1: Paper

Year 2: Cotton

Year 3: Leather

Year 4: Linen

Year 5 Wood

Year 50: Gold

Year 55: Emerald

Year 60: Diamond

Year 70: Platinum

Year 75: Diamond

At one time the main anniversary symbols to be found on cards and gifts in card shops were those to celebrate 25, 40 and 50 years of marriage (silver, ruby and gold respectively). Like so many other events, wedding anniversaries have become increasingly commercialised in recent years and this has meant that there is a far greater choice of gifts and cards inspired by anniversary symbols for a greater number of anniversaries.

One of the best reasons for learning the anniversary symbols is so that you can plan your anniversary gift accordingly. Paper, for example, symbolising a first wedding anniversary doesn’t necessarily mean writing paper. It could be a book that your partner has wanted to buy, or a gift voucher for a spa they’ve wanted to try out, or tickets for a sports event. Another “paper” related gift could be tickets for a romantic holiday for you and your partner!

Another way to incorporate these symbols into your anniversary celebration is to use them as a theme for a party. Whether you choose a romantic dinner for two, a small dinner party for close family and friends, or a large gathering of everyone you know, anniversary symbols can provide inspiration for the decorations, dress, or even parts of the menu. For example, if you are having a buffet, instead of placing cards with the actual name of each food item next to the serving tray, create a new name that ties into your anniversary year. Cotton could inspire you to have a summer barbeque style party with a Hawaiian theme where guests are encouraged to attend wearing bright cotton beach clothes rather than smart party attire. Think about what your next wedding anniversary symbol will be and think of a fun way to capture that in your wedding anniversary celebrations. Don’t just use the symbols literally however, consider how you can use the idea to create something special and ensure that your next wedding anniversary is something to remember!

Creative Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Choosing gifts isn’t an easy task. Even harder if this man is your boyfriend and you would like to please him. But giving your partner a gift may not be a too difficult task: try to figure out whatever he likes, eat, wear, watch, listen and so, then will be pretty hard to miss.

For the purpose of choosing gifts, we can divide the boyfriends in different “groups” or “types”:

If you boyfriend is very conceited and try to present him with stuff that may help him be more fragrant and beautiful than he already is. Shaving kits, foam and lotion; baskets men’s cosmetics, colognes, fashionable clothes and sunglasses will be the joy of the boy.

If the guy is always studying and has always something new to tell you, your boyfriend is probably academic type. Books about subject he likes or about something he would like to learn, stuff related to courses that he may be attending, or even related to his job: sets with pencil holder, calendar and pens, custom DVDs and documentaries.

If your boyfriend is the type that never let you alone; probably you have a “gum” boyfriend! You can give gifts that make you both get even closer. How about a romantic dinner at a special restaurant? A basket of wine and beverages? Then put a significant song to dance together and show how much he is special for you.

Sportsman boyfriend! Sports equipment, such as running shoes, special clothing for gymnastics, sports t-shirts and DVDs, any of those gifts will make you boyfriend very happy.

If your boyfriend spends too much time using the laptop or is addicted to video games, you are probably dealing with a geek boyfriend. This type of person likes to receive gifts such his favorite games, shirts and accessories with references to games, TV shows and blockbuster movies as well as products for the computer, such as headphones and notebook cover.

Anyway, no matter which category fits your boyfriend – he’s special in your life, try to demonstrate this not only when presenting him, but every day you meet. Act with care and respect and make him feel like the luckiest man in the world.